Venue:Places Restaurant & Bar

Date:Saturday, February 28at 7:00pm

Riding on the back of Bhutan International Festival 2015 we are proud to be picking up the Outallectuals collective for a night of electronic bliss this coming Saturday! 

Amin Payne, a veteran musician in the Australian hip hop scene, has a prolific reputation as an experimental musician whose depth spans soul, future funk, hip-hop to deep house and World Music fusion. 

Alongside Amin will be Баxтак, founder and director of the Outtallectuals experimental project who will be bringing electronic mash-ups across the realms of ethnofusion, future beats and electronic metal. 

GnirehsT will be bringing his finest chillwave/post-dubster sounds, and young Dane, Bwoy de Bhajan will fill your ears with an indescribable mind-bending atmosphere. 

Nepali dub/reggae artist Cultivation brings a versatile array of sounds with a fine cross-cultural ear.

Wet your appetite with their soundclouds: 
Amin Payne -
Баxтак -
GnirehsT -
Bwoy de Bhajan -
Cultivation -

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